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Published Articles


Gorea, A., Dorie, A., & Hall, M. (2022). Comparative study of adaptable breast support 

     using engineered compression variability in seamless sports bras. Research Journal of

     Textile and Apparel. Volume ‘ahead-of-print’. 

Gorea, A., Baytar, F., & Sanders, E. A. (2021). Challenges and design opportunities in

     prototyping seamless knitted apparel: a case study. International Journal of Fashion

     Design, Technology and Education, 14 (2), 127-138.

Gorea, A., & Baytar, F. (2020). Using 3D body scanning to measure compression variations

     in a seamless knitted sports bra. International Journal of Fashion Design,Technology and

     Education, 13 (1-9). 

Gorea, A., Baytar, F., & Sanders, E. ( 2020). Experimental design and evaluation of a

     moisture responsive sports bra. Fashion and Textiles, 7(1), 1-21.

Gorea, A., Baytar, F., Sanders, E. (2020). Effect of stitch patterns on moisture responsiveness

     of seamless knitted wool fabrics for compression activewear. International Journal of

     Clothing Science and Technology, 33 (2), 175-187.

Gorea, A., & Baytar, F. (2016). Towards Developing a Method for Identifying

     Static Compression Levels of Seamless Sports Bras Using 3D Body Scanning.

     Proceedings to 7th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies,

     Lugano, Switzerland.

Gorea, A. (2017). Seamless Sports Bra Design: A Responsive System Design Exploration.

      Graduate Theses and  Dissertations, Digital Repository of Iowa State University. 16279.

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