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Design Philosophy

Inspiration is random and I utilize arts and science to detach myself from the mundane, finding that happy state of mind that enables my creative process. The entry point to solving a design problem can vary. I can start with sketching or draping, deconstruction, technique swatches, etc.  I immerse myself in the research process and I do not stop the exploration until I see a solution, a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.      

Technical execution is key for me and involves more experimentation, sometimes pure play with unconventional techniques. Every stitch and fold of fabric represents an opportunity for creative expression. I believe the fashion of the future will require a fusion of technologies and design techniques, that will also change our aesthetic standards. Knitting machines are smart but the needles have no input by themselves; advancing technologies will make the fashion of the future to be coded down to every stitch and fiber molecule, so keeping up to date with the sciences is mandatory.

The entire creative process, part instinctive and part learnt excites and consumes me in the same time, supplying emotional content to each of my designs. The end of a project is the opportunity for self-reflection and the beginning of a new search.


Highlights of my own design process are referenced  by Cobb, K., & Orzada, B. (2016). Facets of Indigo: Combining Traditional Dye Methods with State-of-the-Art Digital Print Technology, A Sustainable Design Case. In Green Fashion (pp. 25-42). Springer Singapore.

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