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Laptop and Flowers

Creative and Innovative Employment of Techniques, Professional category

                  Gorea, A. & Roelse, K. (2023). Bargello Slopes. ITAA Conference Design Exhibit.

Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellow 2022, College of Arts and Design, University of Delaware.

Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business Award for Sustainable Design

                 Cobb, K.,Orzada, B., Kallal, J., Hall, M., Gorea, A., Roelse, K. Cloud Eater. ITAA Design 

                 Exhibition, Charlotte, NC., 2014. 

University of Delaware Business Plan Competition winner, 2006

Oscar de la Renta Award for the Most Creative Graduate Collection, 2001


Evelyn Netski Award for the Most Saleable Graduation Collection, 2001


Frank Agostino Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship of Graduation Collection, 2001


Design Faculty Award for Excellence in Design of Graduation Collection, 2001


Target & Council of Fashion Designers of America National Competition winner, 2000

Manser, A. (2020). Functional, fashionable pockets. UDaily.        

Watson, T. (2018). SU professor teaches importance of sustainability in fashion. The Daily Orange.

Kobland, K (2018). Innovation Orange: Adriana Gorea. Syracuse University News.

Settembre, J. (2018). Women tell Moneyish why their first Kate Spade purse was a symbol of success.


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