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Research Interests

The work of Jane Scott, Textile Futures Research Centre, at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, inspired by biological models and situated at the intersection of biomimicry and responsive material systems, inspired me to pursue research in this area as it applies to functional design. Using the inherent properties of natural fibers and knit structures, the aim is to develop responsive knitted fabrics, which question the conventional material systems necessary for smart textile design.
Functional design scholarship brings together areas of exploration such as responsive textiles, intelligent apparel, adaptive silhouettes, no waste technologies, as applied to what clothing does before how clothing looks like. Activewear in particular, defined as performance driven functional clothing and footwear, has been experiencing an intrinsic change with a parallel evolution in the technologies used. The recent crossover of performance apparel into everyday fashion provides a solid and rich, interdisciplinary research platform for my pragmatic worldview philosophy, and allows me to navigate explorations in art, science, and business departments all in the same time .

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